Learn English With Video Tutorials, Fun Games, and Amazing Short Stories!

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Speak, Read, Write, And Listen In English With Access To 500+ Games And Many Stories!


English Tenses

Learn The Structure, Use, And Pronunciation Of All The Grammar Tenses While Playing Interactive Games and Activities.
Get Real Life Examples In A Range Of Native Accents.


Learn Vocabulary

Learn All The Word Types, (Adjectives, Nouns, Adverbs, Verbs). See And Hear Words With Images And Native Accents While Playing Games!


Amazing Stories

Learn English With Awesome Short Stories. Games and Quizzes Assist Your Comprehension and Development.

Our success stories


“The short stories really helped learn so much about writing.”​
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“My whole family plays the activities together. We love it!”​
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“The games are great to learn new vocabulary!”​
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“We used one short story in a theatre performance and the kids loved it!.”​
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“The activities make learning grammar so easy!”​
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The World Is Learning English.

Don’t Be Left Floating In Space.

Expert Material

All The Material Has Been Developed By Professional Teachers, Writers, and Game Developers To Ensure The Best Education For You.

Personalised Profiles

Check Your Own Development And Watch Yourself Grow Every Time You Show Up!

Pay Per Month

With Monthly Payments, You can Subscribe and Unsubscribe Whenever You Wish.

Affordable Prices​

For $15 per month, you get access to hundreds of activities, dozens of stories, certified teachers, and a community of learners!

FRIENDLY to our planet.

eBooks and eLearning require zero printing and transport so you can learn in a way that helps save our planet.

FUN  for everyone.

Let’s be honest—phones, Laptops and tablets are super cool, and textbooks are boring! Technology creates interactive and appealing education.

FLEXIBLE for you.

Access information almost anywhere and anytime with online learning. In traffic, in line, or even in the bathroom! Be a clever cat and learn online!

FEED your superpower.

Your imagination is your superpower. Reading activates your imagination which helps you learn quicker and dream bigger.

FUEL   your growth.

Reading has so many benefits to our personal development, much more than just language skills.

FREEDOM  to be you.

Learn when YOU want and take what YOU need. Become the master of your impact on the environment.