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Avatar English: education made by a teacher who thinks like a student.

Hello! My name is Arnu Rausi and I’m the creator of Avatar English. Eighteen years ago, I embarked on a journey, starting in South Africa. I became an English teacher and a Spanish student.

At that time, I didn’t have enough money to take Spanish classes, so I had to teach myself. I then travelled the world, teaching English on every continent bar Antarctica (only due to a lack of students!).

While everyone is so beautifully unique, we all have one thing in common: we want to want to learn quickly, effectively, and with a smile! So before every class, I ask myself a simple question—how can I create the most effective and entertaining classes?

The job of a teacher is to study students. So I study and ask and evaluate which methods are the most effective and entertaining. The results are always the same, and all begin with an “e”! Engaging, Easy, and Entertaining education.

What’s more entertaining than a game?
What’s easier than a video tutorial?
What’s more engaging than a good story?

This is why uses fun games, easy videos, and short stories to teach English. My dream is to provide students of all ages and backgrounds with an education that is entertaining and meaningful. I don’t want my students to get straight A’s. I want my students to feel happy and learn something that truly serves their lives and dreams.

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