1. Future Simple

Watch the videos, read the uses, and do the activities at the bottom of the page. Easy peasy!

When you finish, learn more with the activities in the list.


We use future simple ‘will’:

  1. To talk about actions in the future (I will do yoga tomorrow)
  2. To show determination of a future event (We will win the match!)
  3. To make predictions about the future based on feelings (I think Real Madrid will win the Champions league)
  4. With ‘if’ sentences to talk about very possible future results (If you don’t study hard, you won’t pass the test)
  5. To make offers and promises. (I will help you with your homework)
  6. To make requests (Will you help me with my homework?)
  7. When we make decisions in the moment (Everything on the menu looks delicious, but I’ll have the hamburger, please)

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