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Nouns are the names of:

1. Physical objects (cars, chairs, rice)
2. People (Angie, Phil, teacher, worker, the baby, my cousins, artist)
3. Concepts (education, freedom, attraction, happiness)
4. Places (hospital, home, park, city, field)

We use pronouns to replace nouns and avoid repetition.
(David likes Jackie. He likes her a lot!)
Jenny and I party with Sally and Jeff every weekend. We love to party with them.

Nouns can have singular or plural form. We usually add ‘s’ to the noun to show plural form (one car, two cars).

Nouns can be countable or uncountable. Countable means we can count how many there are (five teachers). Uncountable means we can’t count how many there are (rice, traffic, money, water).

We have quantifiers to tell us about the amount of nouns (some, many, much, few, a little, a lot of).

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