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Verbs are mainly physical actions.
I run with my dog. She plays tennis. We read books. They cook food. Brian works in the evening.

Verbs are also states of being. These are non-physical actions.
I have a car. She prefers chicken to fish. We believe in you. I doubt he will pass the test. I know him well. The food smells delicious. State verbs can’t have progressive (+ing) form. For example, we can’t say, ‘I’m preferring the red car.’ We must say, ‘I prefer the red car.’

Verbs can change tense.
I play football (present).
I played football (past).
I will play football (future).

Verbs have four main forms
present – She eats potatoes
Past – She ate potatoes
Past participle – She has eaten potatoes
I’m playing football (progressive).

We have active sentences and passive sentences that change the verbs. This helps us change the subject for the object.
The wolf ate the chicken = The chicken was eaten by the wolf.

Modal verbs change the mode of the verb.
He must complete the test. She can swim very well. They don’t have to come tonight. She should help her mother.

Phrasal Verbs are multi word verbs with prepositions. The prepositions change the meaning of the verbs.
Our plane took off at 3pm. I get on with my mother. We go out every Friday night. David looks after his dog.

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